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Living Endowment Fund

The Living Endowment Fund roots began at the 1948 National Convention when AMBUCS delegates wanted to select a worthwhile cause to sponsor on a National basis. At that convention a program was adopted to assist children affected with cerebral palsy, then known as spastic paralysis. The American Business Clubs Spastic Paralysis Fund, Inc. was formed and funds were raised to bring awareness to the condition and treat achildren affected by it. In 1955 it was noted that there was a shortage of Therapists trained to treat children with cerebral palsy. At the time emphasis shifted to bring more people into the field as trained therapists and the Living Endowment Fund was formed. The Living Endowment Fund awards scholarships each year for therapists. Each year, a portion of the funds raised are invested in a permanent fund and only the interest earned is given for scholarships. The Living Endowment program now encompasses three areas, the AMBUCS Scholars, AmBitity, providing the AmTrykes to special-needs children, and Investing in the Future, rebuilding our national headquarters.

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The Big Hat Club

The Big Hat Club is a "prestigious" club within the association restricted to those AMBUCS members who have, by their own efforts, secured three or more new members in existing chapters or newly chartered chapters during any twelve-month period.

The Big Hat Club was started by Past National President Charles E. Mitchell during his term at the June 18, 1939 executive board meeting. The idea was to present a shirt to each AMBUC that recruited three members in a 12 month period.

At the July 2, 1939 National Convention it was decided to award a ten-gallon hat instead and recipients would form a Big Hat Club.
Today the mission statement of the Big Hat Club is to:

  1. Support the success of the Chapter while having fun.
  2. Provide funding for Scholarships for Therapists while having fun.
  3. Promote AMBUCS to the community while having fun.

The Big Hat Club meets monthly, schedules quarterly socials, and one annual fundraiser. Meetings are restricted to Big Hat members and their spouse. At Regional and National Conventions, Big Hatters meet at a "Closed Door Fun-Filled Fund Raising Breakfast" and are credited for raising substantial funds for the Living Endowment Fund.

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AMBUCS offers scholarships to students in their junior or senior year of a bachelor's degree or a graduate program leading to master's or doctoral degree.

Awards range from $500 to $1,500 annually. Grants are deposited each semester to the student's credit account with the financial aid office of the institution. Approximately $200,000 is awarded Nationally each year.


  1. Student must be accepted in an accredited program by the appropriate health therapy profession authority in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, or Hearing Audiology.
  1. Awards are based on financial need, commitment to the local community, academic accomplishment, character, compassion, integrity, and career objectives.
  2. The student must be a U.S. Citizen.

When to Apply

Conshohocken AMBUCS, in coordination with our National Office, will begin acceptin applications January 1. Conshohocken AMBUCS applications must be submitted no later than March 15th. The Scholarship selection committees meet in April all applications from chapters must be submitted to the National Office by April 15th.

Finalist will be notified by postcard of their status in early May. Finalest will have until My 15th to send the following documents to the AMBUCS Scholarship Committee:

  1. Enrollment certification or acceptance letter from the educational institurion.
  1. Previous year IRS Form 1040 complete. Your parents if you were claimed as a dependent, and your 1040 complete. If you did not file a 1040, a statement explaining your circumstances must be included.

3.      Personal statement.


Final awards will be announced by mail and presented in June.

How to Apply

Click on more info about Scholarships. It will direct you to the forms you will need.

mailto:[email protected]

Or E-Mail the Conshohocken AMBUCS for more info

More about the Big Hat Club

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